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Mobile Advertising Vans For Sale

Mobile advertising vans for sale can be very hard to find.

If you are looking for mobile advertising vans for sale or a advertising truck to promote your business you will have to consider a few things before you buy. Mobile advertising vans are a great way to get your companies message out to the masses but most companies don’t look at buying their own as they tend to see this as a cost and not an investment. If you look at the cost of an advertisement in central London for instants you can very quickly save yourself a huge amount of money by driving your own mobile billboard around at rush hour and in the exact areas that you want to target, look at Piccadilly Circus, businesses pay thousands a day to advertise in this location. This is a big factor when looking at advertisements as lets face it not a great deal of people spot billboards stuck in not so visible places compared to a mobile advertising van or truck driving down the road.

Let’s look at things to consider when looking at a mobile advertising vans for sale

  • Cost of running your advertising van or truck
  • Cost of the advertisement itself, this could be vinyl, poster paper or a permanent material.
  • Maintenance of the vehicle over a yearly period
  • Driver for your vehicle and his or her wages to drive it.

mobile advertising vans for saleIf you was to see this advertising vehicle driving down the road compared to a static billboard, which do you think would get the most exposure from the general public? Its’ a no brainer. just think of all the mobile phone that have cameras on them nowadays. Your message on the side of a advertisement vehicle can potentially go viral on on social media channels. You know how people love to post things on FacebookYoutube and share funny things with their friends. Well this is a prime example. You can have other people do the hard work for you by marketing your message on the world wide web.Billboard advertising

So just remember when your looking for mobile advertising vans for sale look at them as an investment and not a cost to your company as in the long run you can generate a lot of clients using this method. 

Vinyl Wrap Car Cost

What is car wrapping and how much does a vinyl wrap car cost?

Mercedes Benz vinyl Car wrap cost

First off, let me tell you what a car wrap essentially is? It’s wrapping the entire outer body of your car with a material specifically made for vehicles.

Most people who have their car wrapped do it for reasons such as advertising and marketing, protecting the original paint job or to give their car a new look and finish.


The material used in car wrapping is called a vinyl.

Each panel of vinyl is applied individually to cover the entire outer body of the vehicle, so remember if there was an accident and your vehicle needed a touch up this will be much easier to restore. This process is, what is known as car or vehicle wrapping.


The beauty about car wrapping is your vehicle can be transformed to what ever image or design you want it to look like, while preserving the original body.

Most businesses prefer to have their vehicles wrapped, because it is an instant head turner and thus promotes their business every time the vehicle is driven. Another added bonus is, its less costly than having a bill board advert which will cost a lot of money on a monthly basis, where as a vehicle wrap is a one off payment and lasts between 3 to 5 years. This excellent car wrapping London company who have a huge reputation in their area and also offer a guarantee with all their work that is undertaken, specialise in wrapping fleets of car but they also style street cars and race vehicles.


Will the vinyl wrap car cost be effected by the material?


The answer is yes and any professional should be able to advice you on the different costs.

There are however different types of material to wrap cars and this is based on the reasons why the vehicle is being wrapped in the first place.

Long term wrap and short term wraps need different materials, where as flat surfaced vehicles and much curvier vehicles need a different type of vinyl.


Is vehicle wrapping for only businesses?


An austin metro vinyl car wrap cost

Oh No… Is that a 1994 Austin Metro

The reasons for this is, it protects from stone chips and the elements which tend to destroy the original paint work after a while. Think long term to when it comes to selling your vehicle.

So how much does a vinyl wrap car cost?

This can depend on a few factors. As mentioned above there is the factor of what material is going to be used on the vehicle. Second, your vinyl wrap car cost will depend on the size of your car as the car wrapping company will have to use more material the bigger your car is. Then you will have to take in to consideration what type of finish you want on the car, carbon, matt, mirror etc. All these factors will determine the cost of a car wrap.

But you don’t want to here that, RIGHT?

You want some figures. Well the best guess at a normal sized car with a matt finish will cost you around £700-£900 depending on where you go to get it done.


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